Monthly Archive: September 2016

To start your budget

To start your budget:


  • weekly, $20 into savings(10% of pay,this is hard)
  • take your morgage/rent + utilities(electric, water, heat, phone) for the month divide by 4,put that aside each week
  • figure out what you spend for food weekly
  • figure out transportation,car payments, insurance, gas

What money is left?

What else do you spend your money on? What do you really need? If you haven’t cut up your credit cards yet, do that? Don’t go to the stores, can’t spend it if you don’t go. When you do go to the store make a list, if its not on the list don’t buy it. This also is very hard.

Deal with the debt how much, to who, What can you pay after everything else is paid start on them. Finally, go get $500 loan here and pay all unpaid bills. I like Dave Ramsey’s books, go to the library and borrow one of those.

This blog is just what I need. I’m glad i joined. My situation: I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago on vacation for a week. I only went because I plant to move there as soon as I secure work. after the trip my account was down to -200. yesterday it was down to -107. I got paid today and now I’m at $555. cool right? no! after I pay my rent I’ll be negative again. my rent is $595. I’m broke and havent paid my cell $73(due july4) or my cable $40 (due july 9). I’ve really been working hard trying to get my money right. I dont get paid again until july 12th. after that I think I might be fine.

I just hope my rent check doesnt bounce and it shouldnt since I have overdraft protection. any advice on my situation and how to avoid this in the future?

When my hubby and I get ambitious

Exactly. When my hubby and I get ambitious and buy a lottery ticket, I always say I want to win just enough to pay off our credit cards. Not even the house! Just our credit cards because we would be so much better off.

I see my parents and how they struggle to try and make ends meet. They recently had their car repossessed and we had to loan them our beater truck until they came up with the money to get it back. My parents are living off $750/mo soc sec and $100/mo retirement on my dad, and my mom has a day care of 3 kids.

Both families are on vacation this week so there is $0 coming there. It is awful to see your parents struggle. I don’t want my kids to do the same with us.

I have to disagree there

When my husband was laid off, that isn’t a behavior, just how life deals us a hard blow at times.

I don’t know about insurance and accidents. Even though we did file Bankruptcy, we’ve never had an accident or any insurance claim (home or vehicle).

It seems a lot of these ideas are based on stereotypes.

I have no clue about the statistics. Why is it I never get polled for these things? LOL! 🙂

Your bills are pretty much gone

The thing is.. if you have filed bankruptcy.. your bills are pretty much gone. So why would you need to steel? That’s the thing. Filing bankruptcy is a legal way of asking for help. In my circumstance, if we do file I would have to file chapter 13. I want to pay all of the money back, but I just am having difficulties with trying to take care of everyone at the same time.

I haven’t talked about this with my hubby yet, but there is a job that he keeps applying for that we know looks at his credit report. They have turned down people because of debt to income ratio. Well.. If you file bankruptcy protection and reaffirm your debts.. what would be the problem.

More about advantages and disadvantages of BK:

Everyone makes mistakes. I know if we end up taking the bankruptcy road, credit cards are a thing of the past. With our credit card bills gone, we would have no problem working on a cash only basis. We would have over $1000 extra fee each month to get our student loans paid off and then to put towards our mortgage. It made me ill having to charge groceries last night.