To start your budget

To start your budget:


  • weekly, $20 into savings(10% of pay,this is hard)
  • take your morgage/rent + utilities(electric, water, heat, phone) for the month divide by 4,put that aside each week
  • figure out what you spend for food weekly
  • figure out transportation,car payments, insurance, gas

What money is left?

What else do you spend your money on? What do you really need? If you haven’t cut up your credit cards yet, do that? Don’t go to the stores, can’t spend it if you don’t go. When you do go to the store make a list, if its not on the list don’t buy it. This also is very hard.

Deal with the debt how much, to who, What can you pay after everything else is paid start on them. Finally, go get $500 loan here and pay all unpaid bills. I like Dave Ramsey’s books, go to the library and borrow one of those.

This blog is just what I need. I’m glad i joined. My situation: I went to Los Angeles a few weeks ago on vacation for a week. I only went because I plant to move there as soon as I secure work. after the trip my account was down to -200. yesterday it was down to -107. I got paid today and now I’m at $555. cool right? no! after I pay my rent I’ll be negative again. my rent is $595. I’m broke and havent paid my cell $73(due july4) or my cable $40 (due july 9). I’ve really been working hard trying to get my money right. I dont get paid again until july 12th. after that I think I might be fine.

I just hope my rent check doesnt bounce and it shouldnt since I have overdraft protection. any advice on my situation and how to avoid this in the future?