Your bills are pretty much gone

The thing is.. if you have filed bankruptcy.. your bills are pretty much gone. So why would you need to steel? That’s the thing. Filing bankruptcy is a legal way of asking for help. In my circumstance, if we do file I would have to file chapter 13. I want to pay all of the money back, but I just am having difficulties with trying to take care of everyone at the same time.

I haven’t talked about this with my hubby yet, but there is a job that he keeps applying for that we know looks at his credit report. They have turned down people because of debt to income ratio. Well.. If you file bankruptcy protection and reaffirm your debts.. what would be the problem.

More about advantages and disadvantages of BK:

Everyone makes mistakes. I know if we end up taking the bankruptcy road, credit cards are a thing of the past. With our credit card bills gone, we would have no problem working on a cash only basis. We would have over $1000 extra fee each month to get our student loans paid off and then to put towards our mortgage. It made me ill having to charge groceries last night.

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